Welcome to The Tutors' Association

The Tutors' Association was launched in October 2013. Central to our Mission, Vison and Values is to represent tutoring and the supplementary education sector and become the ‘go to’ resource for tutors, the public, the media, schools and government.

Individual tutors, tutoring companies and study centres who adhere to our Codes of Practice are welcome to join us. We are an open, democratic, member-led organisation and committed to representing individual tutors and tutoring companies equally.


In recent years, tutoring and supplementary education have become increasingly popular both in the UK and globally. In the UK alone, many hundreds of thousands of people are employed as tutors.

Schools, pupils and parents are increasingly working more closely with tutors to help raise pupils’ attainment and confidence. Yet the role of tutors and supplementary educators has gone largely unrecognised.

The Tutors' Association seeks to change that and raise the sector’s profile by promoting tutoring as a viable profession and encouraging professional development.

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Tutors and tutoring companies who comply with our Codes of Practice are welcome to apply to join us.

The criteria and fees for admission are detailed in our Membership Booklet.