Members' Register

The Association Members' Register

Check here to see whether your tutor or tutoring company is an approved member of the Association

Advice on Choosing a Tutor

1. Ensure that they are a member of the Association.

2. All members are governed by and have signed up to a code of professional practice and ethics. The Association has a procedure that deals with any complaints of unprofessional conduct brought by the members of the public against a member.

3. Your tutor should be properly qualified to tutor in the subject required. This may be evidenced by a checkable CV

4. Where appropriate, all tutors should have a current standard or enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate. This is an important child protection matter.

5. Your tutor should clearly set out their terms of business and the rate to be applied for the tutoring session(s). Fees would normally be paid on the conclusion of the tuition.

6. Tutors should periodically review progress with you as the client.

7. Tutors should be able to provide you with appropriate references on request

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