National Tutors Conference 2018

If feedback is the measure of how successful an event has been, then The 2nd TTA National Tutors Conference in October 2017 was an outstanding success; you can read last year's full review here, and take a look at some of the feedback we received after the event.

We are now looking to build on that success with an even bigger and better event this year on Tuesday 16th October, 2018. This year's Conference has as it's theme Delivering education | Variety and choice. We have received many worthy contributions to consider, enough to fill at least two conferences! With some speakers already in place, the full programme will be announced in due course.

Book now before the 1st of September to take advantage of the Early Bird Rate, which is the same as last year's event!

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Delivering education | Variety and choice
• The increasing popularity of home tuition.
• The growth of faith schools.
• A greater focus on individual children's needs and learning styles.
• Opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with schools.
• A fuller recognition of special needs.
• An appreciation of the anxieties students may be facing.
• A growing understanding of mental health issues.
• Changes in syllabus and examinations.
• Different methods of delivery.
• Technological advances.
• Blended learning techniques.
• Education beyond the classroom to all ages and backgrounds.

It all adds up to more variety, more choice and more change.

How can tutors best contribute and respond to these demands and opportunities?
How can tutors most effectively complement both traditional and new-style educational paradigms?
How can tutors help both motivate children and relieve the anxieties of parents?
What are the new gaps that tutors can help fill?
What new skills might tutors need to acquire?
…and what other changes are on their way?

The Conference will seek to explore both the challenges and opportunities that social, political and technology influences are bringing to the world of education, and the role that tutors have to play within this changing world.

The conference will consist of a blend of keynote speakers and seminars and workshops around the key themes of the conference, as well as providing plenty of opportunities for members to meet and talk with one another.

We will also be hosting practical workshops around the areas of creating and growing a successful tutoring practice; getting and implementing the legal and financial advice you need; marketing tips; a Q&A panel of experienced tutors, and moving into tutoring from another career.

There will also be a small number of exhibitors, many of whom will also be conference sponsors. Based on last year’s experience, these exhibitors will provide a wealth of information, services and materials of direct use to tutors.

Book here for the 3rd Annual Tutors Conference 16th October 2018 at The Barbican Centre, London Early Bird Rates Now available.

National Conference 2018

National Conference Ads & Sponsorship 2018

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