Tutoring Conference 2016


Galore Park, now part of Hodder Education, is sponsoring the conference and is the leading publisher of educational textbooks for pupils studying at independent schools, and is the sole distributor of ISEB Common Entrance papers for 11+ and 13+.


    The Tutors’ Association was pleased to have hosted the first UK conference for Tutors, sponsored by Galore Park in association with Tutoring Futures and Minerva Tutors. Over 100 delegates came. The style of the day was built around practical seminars as well as plenary sessions.

    The Association delivered a top class event which included good quality CPD sessions and networking opportunities.

    "A very warm welcome to this, the first ever Tutors' Association Conference at this magnificent venue of Stowe School. Let me first thank the team at Stowe, and Emma, Hugh, Tammy and Natalie and Nick for sponsoring the event today. I also wish to thank all the volunteers from our membership who have made today a reality.

    "With today's theme being "A Legacy of Learning", when we were beginning to think about organising the conference, learning was always going to be at its heart. When we realised we might be able to secure Sean Fitzpatrick as a speaker, I recalled a book that I read in preparation for my current role at the Association. "Legacy" by James Kerr follows the New Zealand All-Blacks Rugby team in their preparations for the Rugby World Cup in 2015, which they went on to win. In analysing their ethos and by interviewing key players, past and present, Kerr identifies fifteen lessons in leadership that we can use in our own lives and our businesses, to create our own legacy for success.

    "In a similar way I feel we as tutors and tuition providers are seeking to create a legacy of learning for our tutees, for them to appreciate that learning goes beyond the school gates and university, that it can be appreciated and enjoyed for its own sake and is a real life skill.

    "We here at the Tutors' Association, as a young professional membership body realise we are creating our own legacy too, to professionalise the sector, to professionally support tutors and to raise the profile of tutoring in the education landscape of this country. If you look around, I think this Conference reflects how far we have come in that process. I hope you all have a terrific day."

    Adam Muckle

    Stowe School
    Emma Swanson and Sean Fitzpatrick
    Chris Lenton, TTA Secretary during the tea break
    Adam Muckle with Sean Fitzpatrick

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    A big thank you for our speakers.

    Seminar 1 - Planning for Progression, led by Will Petty

    Putting together a plan for how your tutoring sessions will develop as your tutee makes progress is an integral part of achieving the most successful outcome for both of you. This session looks at how to determine accurately where to start; how best to set clear mini-targets along the way to the ultimate goal, and how to assess effectively the progress that is being made. It also looks at how to ensure that targets are both achievable and understood by the tutee so that they can see how to make progress for themselves. It will also provide tips on how to create an incremental, and flexible plan that minimises the risk of over-tutoring.

    Seminar 2 - Motivating and Empowering others, led by Ed Richardson

    Instinctively, students look to their tutors for approval and encouragement whilst learning, and they are more likely to be enthusiastic about the subject if they feel valued and that their work is recognised. Motivating and empowering students plays a central role in developing an enthusiasm for learning. Using educational research and tutor feedback, this session will explore some of the challenges that tutors experience around motivation and empowerment, and, importantly, suggest a series of practical strategies that tutors can employ to increase their students’ enthusiasm for learning.

    Seminar 3 - The World as a Classroom, led by Emma Swanson

    The ‘World as a Classroom’ is a phrase that Emma uses in two key ways. Truly experiential learning - where children can learn about coastal erosion, for example, by seeing it first hand, or where children develop a cultural awareness by living amongst people who have migrated from global communities - is the richest of learning opportunities. This is relatively straightforward for a tutor who is travelling with a family and can capitalise on such learning experiences but how can we, as teachers in classrooms in the UK, also adhere to the philosophy that has been championed since Dewey’s days whereby there is a belief that we all learn from our own experience? As a starting point for all learning, we must build on current experiences to extend and develop. This session will use current research as a basis to explore how we can enrich our teaching to offer this to all of our students.

    Seminar 4 - SEN training, led by Katharine Allen

    Katharine’s session on supporting students with SEN in a tutoring session will help you to identify students who may have literacy and processing difficulties and equip you with simple tools and resources to make the material more accessible to them. She will also advise on supporting students with ADHD, ASD and dyscalculia, as well as inspiring tutors to make sure tutoring is as accessible and inclusive as possible, ensuring the best outcomes for every child.

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