University Diploma in Private Tutoring - Sep '17

By Dr Catriona Robinson at Worcester University. Written by student, Edward Spalding.

Even if you are already tutoring, having an academic qualification can be helpful when it comes to expanding your business and getting you that well-deserved recognition. The Diploma in Private Tutoring is recognised and endorsed by the Tutors' Association and also provides you with evidence that you met their Tutor Standards. This in turn helps provide the basis for a portfolio to show tutees and their guardians.

Over the past few weeks I, along with a group of other students, have been working to achieve this Diploma in Private Tutoring. As well as skills specific to tutoring, we have gained many other skills that are highly transferable to any future career paths any of us may take.
One thing I have really enjoyed about the course was having tutors from different disciplines. This really enabled us to understand the different aspects of tutoring, and has opened many doors for me; this is invaluable both in my current role as well as in the future to support my Teacher Training applications.

The modules in the course included:
· Curriculum, planning and diagnostics: we explored the curriculum and the importance of appropriate planning through a MasterChef-style invention test. We were able to design a diagnostic tool as part of our presentation and we also looked at what a tutoring session plan would involve.
· Tutoring as an enterprise: This session was enjoyable and very informative in terms of setting up a business. This information will be useful for anyone looking to set up a business - not just in private tutoring!
· English as an additional language: how to provide students with English as an additional language support including reading skills, grammar and introducing a new language, a skill that may be required within tutoring.
· Health and Safety: this particular topic was really interesting and could be applied to any career! We discussed basic first aid for different ailments, how to conduct a Health and Safety check of a particular environment and how to maintain well-being in the work place.

The support I received during my time on the academic tutoring course was excellent. All tutors were available for discussion within tutorials, during and after sessions. They were particularly helpful when managing the two assessments involved within the diploma. The varied methods of assessment challenged me in various ways, through delivering tutoring sessions, presenting in front of the group, as well as relating the practice of tutoring to relevant academic literature.
Private Tutoring is a rapidly-expanding profession and one that doesn't have to be your main career. You can do it part time to a schedule that suits you as a way to build up your experiences and supplement your income.

Positive course experiences:
"I really enjoyed the private tutoring course as I have had experience working with children both on my course and in past jobs. It has been interesting to explore … tutoring an adult and not just children. I have also been able to learn new skills, apply and develop skills I already had, and use them in new situations.”
"Although I don't see myself doing any private tutoring in the near future, the skills I have gained will be useful to carry through and apply to any future jobs I may have."
“I found the course to be extremely valuable in learning what private tutoring entails. Not only can I apply a lot of the knowledge that I learnt into future employment but also to my current work. Before I started the course I had no idea that I had the correct skills to become a private tutor but now I have the correct knowledge, it’s something I know I could achieve”

Please check out our University Diploma in Private Tutoring course page if you are interested in adding an extra string to your academic bow

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