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The Rise of Homeschooling as an Accessible Educational Direction

By Helena Roots, Senior Consultant at Athena Tuition

Four Tips for Effective Science Tutoring - Feb '18

by Simon de Pinna, MTA

Over the last 10 years, the balance of my professional life has tilted from mostly classroom teaching with a little private tutoring ‘on the side’ to exclusively tutoring 1-to-1. I’ve recently been reflecting on which of my classroom strategies I still use and what new ones I’ve added to support my students.

How the Influx of Online Tutors Has Changed Up Education - Jan '18

By Guest Writer Jason Phillips, Education blogger.

Tutoring and the Lure of Technology - Jan '18

By Guest writer Joe Nutt, Educational Consultant and Author

Almost two decades ago I first saw someone tutoring via video conferencing technology. I watched a handful of A level electronics students sitting in front of what today we’d call a television, with a small camera perched on top of it, while a tutor taught them remotely. I’d been invited to sit in by the company the tutor worked for, a business that was doing very well delivering niche A level subjects like electronics and psychology. They were later sold to a major textbook publisher for a tidy sum.

Overcoming the Difficulties Relating to an Insecure and Unconfident Maths Student - Dec '17

By Ariane Mercurius-Taylor, MTA and TTA Board Director

Getting a child to ‘get it’ can be difficult.

A few months ago I had a student who was referred to me via a local authority. He was a Looked After Child and needed help with his Maths GCSE. I was told that he had received tuition previously but did not make any progress and that different strategies would be needed to help this student raise his attainment.

‘Of course!’ I responded eagerly.

Simple Tips to Help Your Tutees Cope and Increase Resilience - Dec '17

By Olivia Raw MSc MBACP (Accred), Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist

How many of your tutees are anxious? Are they depressed? Have they suffered from bullying? Do they sleep enough? Do they eat too much or too little? How much time do your pupils spend on screens each day? What are their family relationships like?

How To Choose The Right Tutor For Your Child - Dec '17

by Emily Jack ATA, from Kings Tutors

No child is the same, which means each child requires different things from a private tutor. This makes choosing the right one a difficult but important choice! Below is a list of things to consider to help you make the right decision.

TTA and The Sutton Trust - Nov '17

TTA Board Members Adam Muckle and Will Orr-Ewing visited the Sutton Trust on 24th October to discuss their latest report about tutoring, Extra Time. They met the Trust’s Director of Research and Communications, Conor Ryan, and his colleague Carl Cullinane.

Centrepoint Charity Tutoring Initiative - Nov '17

Centrepoint, the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people, is establishing a new initiative with Equilibrium Tutors (EQTutors) and The Tutors' Association to match homeless 16-25 year olds in need of extra academic support with experienced tutors looking to donate their time and give something back.

11+ exams: Intensive Learning or Slower Progression – Which is Best? - Nov '17

By Michellejoy Hughes (teacher and tutor)

Of all the questions that I get asked, this is one of the most popular. I wish that I had the definitive answer, but I don’t, because every child is different. However, this is what I have learned from the hundreds of children that I have taught and I hope something here helps you.

Intensive Learning


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