Mental Health in Young People - Oct '17

By Daniel Licence, MTA from Osborne Cawkwell

Mental health problems seem to be on the rise in young people. Whether that’s because we’ve become better at diagnosing them, or there’s genuinely more pressure on young people nowadays with increasing exams and social media pressure, we don’t know. But what we do know, according to is that:

Why Parents Choose to Use Private Subject Tutors - Oct '17

By Lucy Parsons, MTA from Life More Extraordinary

A few weeks ago I interviewed Adam Muckle, President of the Tutors’ Association for my podcast, The School Success Formula. The title of the podcast was ‘Does your child need a private tutor’ and it generated a lot of chatter on social media, specifically on LinkedIn and in my Facebook group for parents, The Supportive Parents, Successful Students community.

National Poetry Day - Oct '17

By Charlotte Jacobs MTA - Founder of Strive Tutors

With National Poetry Day being celebrated this Autumn, now is a good time for tutors of all subjects to think about how we can teach the skill of creativity.

In Defence Of Private Tuition - Oct '17

By Emma Williams MTA
“Private tuition can be harmful to the long-term academic prospects of children, a leading London headteacher warned today.”

Child Development and Learning - Sep '17

By Joe Atkinson MTA - Founder of ChildFirstEducation

The brain can be split up into three parts; Reptilian, Mammalian and Rational. They are built on top of each other and all have completely different roles in our development.

REPTILIAN: This is the deepest and most ancient part of the human brain. It has largely been unchanged by evolution and is responsible for activating all instinctual survival related behaviour e.g. breathing, hunger, temperature regulation, the fight/flight/flee response etc.

TTA's View on the Latest Report from the Sutton Trust - Sep '17

The latest report from the Sutton Trust, ‘Extra Time’ https// makes interesting reading. It clearly indicates that private tuition, in all forms, is still increasing. It also suggests that those from disadvantaged backgrounds are less than half as likely to have received private tuition compared with their more well-off counterparts. This clearly impacts on social mobility.

University Diploma in Private Tutoring - Sep '17

By Dr Catriona Robinson at Worcester University. Written by student, Edward Spalding.

Even if you are already tutoring, having an academic qualification can be helpful when it comes to expanding your business and getting you that well-deserved recognition. The Diploma in Private Tutoring is recognised and endorsed by the Tutors' Association and also provides you with evidence that you met their Tutor Standards. This in turn helps provide the basis for a portfolio to show tutees and their guardians.

Why join The Tutors' Association? - May '17

By Adam Muckle MTA, President of The Tutors' Association

Tutors and tuition companies join the Association for many and varied reasons.

Benefits of Reading and Reading Suggestions for Tutors and Students - Aug '17

By Sarah Gordon MTA

‘I’m already bored, why would I want to read?’ or ‘I can’t!’, are just some of the responses you may have heard as a tutor or parent when trying to encourage your child or tutee to dive headlong into a book we just know they will enjoy if they only give it a chance. But how do we get them there? And what is the point?


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