Membership Information

All membership subscriptions are tax-deductible as part of standard business expenses

Full Membership £99 per annum or £10 a month via Direct Debit
Individual membership is designed for individual tutors, including both freelancers and those who work for companies. Applicants are required to provide a current CRB/DBS check, a CV and two references, and to sign-up to the Code of Ethics.
If you are brand new to the profession and have no experience, we can point you in the right direction to help you obtain that experience.
If you do not have a current CRB/DBS check, you can apply for one through TTA but your membership will not be active until it is successfully completed.
Individual applicants must submit a signed and dated copy of the 'Code of ethics for tutors'.
if you are not based in the UK, you will also need to agree that any complaint made against you will be dealt with in the UK under English Law.

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Principal Membership £360 per annum
Corporate membership is designed for tutoring companies, study centres, online tutoring, residential tutoring companies and agencies. Some of the benefits extended to Corporate Members can also be extended to the tutors they engage.
Corporate membership includes individual membership for one named representative of the organisation

'Start up' membership £240 per annum
The Association recognises that organisations in the early days of their existence need encouragement to join at a time when their income may be limited. This is available for one year only, to companies which have been established for less than two years.

Ancillary membership £144 per annum
Individual study centres, franchisees of Principal members or organisations attached to a Principal member can join in their own right at a reduced rate.

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Membership £144 per annum
A company that is not engaged in delivering tutoring but which provides profession with products and services can join the Association as Associate Members. The companies will be listed on the Association's website and their offer to members will be posted on the membership benefits page.
Tutors represent a significant target market in their own right. Whilst precise numbers are hard to assess, it is estimated that there are in excess of two hundred and fifty thousand tutors in the UK.
As well as being a sizeable market, it is also one that is notoriously difficult to target with any degree of precision. Affiliate Membership of TTA is a uniquely effective way to target and reach this group.
As an Affiliate, you have a permanent presence on our website which you can use to describe your products and services and communicate offers to members. Any offers you make will also be drawn to members' attention in our regular newsletter.
You will also have first refusal on both sponsorship opportunities and exhibition spaces at our Annual Conference.
We also have a limited number of opportunities every year to email offers to our members at attractive rates.

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Membership £120 per annum
Fellowship will be awarded, upon application, to those members of the profession who are already Members of the Association and who in the opinion of the Board have worked as Tutor for 20 years or more and who can demonstrate their contribution to and standing in the profession through published papers and articles, working on the Association's panels and in the advisory groups, contributing to the strategic direction of the association by being elected to and serving on the Council or the Board of the association and meeting other criteria that may be determined by the Board from time to time.

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