Membership Information

You can apply online. Alternatively you can submit our membership application to Chris Lenton via email or post, to 15 Bencombe Road, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3NZ

Full Membership £99 per annum or £10 a month

Individual membership is designed for individual tutors, including both freelancers and those who work for companies. The additional requirements are for applicants to provide a current CRB/DBS check, CV and two references. Associates can upgrade at no extra costs.

Associate Membership £99 or £10 a month
Associate status is designed with two purposes in mind:

  1. To provide a straight-forward means by which individuals and companies may engage with the association and its agenda while considering full membership.
  2. For consultants and organisations providing support services to the tutoring industry, who wish to indicate their support (such as publishers, technology companies, and online forum/network providers).

There are no requirements for Associate status other than individuals signing and submitting the code of ethics and sending in a copy of their CV. The grade is designed for tutors who do not meet the criteria for full membership and is valid for one year and is not renewable. This is to allow time for a person to upgrade to full member by supplying two references and a copy of their current CRB or DBS certificate. (see ‘Constitution’ in the Membership Booklet).

To apply for Membership you can apply using our Online membership form
Individual applicants must submit a signed and dated copy of the
'Code of ethics for tutors'.

Corporate applicants must submit signed and dated copies of both the 'Code of ethics for tutors' and of the
'Code of professional practice for tutoring companies'.

Corporate Membership £360

Corporate membership is designed for tutoring companies, study centres, online tutoring, residential tutoring companies and agencies. Some of the benefits extended to Corporate Members can also be extended to the tutors they engage.

International Membership £99 and Corporate Membership £360

The Board has agreed to accept applications from internationally based tutors and tutoring companies provided that they meet the criteria set out above, sign the code of professional practice and code of ethics and agree that any complaint made against them will be dealt with in the UK under English Law.

Subsidiaries, Centres and Franchisee of Corporate Members £144

Subsidiary companies or organisations attached a Corporate Member can also join at this reduced rate.

Corporate Affiliates £144

A company that is not engaged in the tutoring profession can be affiliated to the Association. This grade of membership is provided for those companies who supply the profession with products and services. The companies will be listed on the Association's website and their offer to members will be posted on the membership benefits page.

Fellowship £120

Fellowship will be awarded, upon application, to those members of the profession who are already Members of the Association and who in the opinion of the Board have worked as Tutor for 20 years or more and who can demonstrate their contribution to and standing in the profession through published papers and articles, working on the Association's panels and in the advisory groups, contributing to the strategic direction of the association by being elected to and serving on the Council or the Board of the association and meeting other criteria that may be determined by the Board from time to time.


Founder status is reserved for those who gave generously of their time and donated funds during the initial stages of the Association’s formation. It is an honorary title only and does not exempt the companies bearing that description from the requirements of membership.

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