The Tutors’ Association - networking, community and sharing - Sep '17

By Emma Swanson ATA, Director of The Tutors' Association
The beginning of September is a special time for everyone. Many people will have taken time off for a holiday during the summer months, whether from school or work, and it is at this time of year that we all feel a mixture of emotions as we look to jump back into routine, with all of the challenges that the new academic year brings. Children starting back at school know that it is time to refocus and settle into lessons whilst those of us who are involved with the professional teaching side, are busy preparing for a new cohort of students with great anticipation.

For many within the tutoring world, the summer may well have been a quiet time, a respite before the new academic year begins. At this stage of the year, tutors look to re-engage with their students to become a vital support as they move on with their academic endeavours. Many of our tutors are very experienced teachers who welcome the opportunity to transfer their skills from the classroom to focus on individual children, tailoring their planning and teaching to the exact requirements of their students.

Teachers within schools work in very busy teaching environments which carry pressures but also provide a ready-made support network; the coffee breaks and team meetings providing welcome opportunities for collaboration and advice. Tutoring, by contrast, can for some be an isolated profession, without others readily available to turn to for a quick word of advice or support when needed. For me, this is one of the true benefits of membership of TTA. A place for networking, community and sharing. A place to hear about new resources worth trying, or to learn about ways in which other tutors approach their teaching which are new and innovative. TTA is committed to working collaboratively to provide such a welcoming community, and we very much look forward to working together with our members during the year ahead.

Emma Swanson ATA
Director of The Tutors’ Association

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