Money Matters - Oct '17

By Emma Storey ATA from Bespoke Tuition

With articles in the media promoting one-off 'Super Tutors' earning ludicrously high salaries alongside pro-bono charity and voluntary teaching, it can be very difficult to know if you are charging, and receiving, the right level of pay. This article reflects the guidance that one of our members, Bespoke Tuition, gives its tutors.

How much should I charge?
In our experience, those Tutors charging £30-£45 per hour tend to secure the most work. However, what really matters is that you feel correctly valued for your work and that your tutees receive value for money. University level Astrophysics or US Admissions Consultancy in Surrey is likely to have a higher perceived value, and be able to pay more, than primary support in Fulham!

When should I consider charging more?
You might also choose to pitch yourself at a higher rate if...
• getting to the job location requires more than 45 minutes one way travel
• the maximum session duration is only 1 hour
• the tuition falls on a public holiday eg New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday
• there are special educational needs requiring management
• the position is full time home-schooling
• the position requires specialist support for which the Tutor is well qualified/experienced eg Eton King’s Scholarship prep

When should I consider charging less?
Situations in which Tutors may consider reducing their standard rate might include:
• longer session duration
• more frequent sessions
• morning work
• online tuition
• short travel distance from your home (or nearby to another client)
• straight-forward job content which will not require extensive preparation

What will give me the best chance of securing a job?
• highlight any similar jobs you have worked on along with your availability
• consider proposing a rate that fairly fits your experience and job challenge
• create a 'personal profile' and regularly update it with new experience, testimonials, success stories, specialisms etc. to give to prospective clients
• ask for written references from familiar Clients

Emma Storey ATA
Bespoke Tuition

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