Why Join

The Association was set up, first and foremost, to create a community for members of the tutoring profession.

We provide this community with six main areas of benefit:

Recognition of a commitment to behaving ethically and professionally

To become an individual member, you have to sign up to our Code of Ethics. and have passed a DBS check (if you are tutoring children). If you do not have a current CRB/DBS check, you can apply for one through TTA. This is of significant, and growing, importance to parents. It offers them reassurance and creates a real, and valuable, point of difference between members and non-members. It says that you are serious about your profession and your relationship with both parent and child.

To make the most of this, as a member you have the right to use TTA Branding on your materials, including your website.

​Opportunities to learn and acquire new skills (or hone existing ones)

We run a range of events such as workshops and conferences on a wide range of topics from Special Needs tutoring to how to grow your business. We pride ourselves that these cover everything from current topics to new tools, technologies and thinking. We also run webinars that you can access from the convenience of your own home. Most of these are FREE to members. The more diverse your skill-set and the more up-to-date your knowledge of current best practise, the greater the competitive edge you will have in the marketplace.

Our Annual Conference goes from strength to strength, bringing together industry and thought leaders to share their insights, and providing thought-provoking workshops with the opportunity to discuss and question current issues

​Opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience

All our events have time built in to network with other tutors, and we also run social events, sometimes with a speaker, so that you have the chance to make contact with, and pick the brains of, like-minded tutors. We will very soon have an area of our website where members will be able to ask and answer questions for each other. We know that tutoring can be a lonely existence, and the Association provides an easy way to really feel part of a vibrant and active community.

We also have a very lively Social Media presence on Twitter and Facebook; as well as seeing news and views on all the current topics and stories around tutoring, this is your chance to contribute announcements and stories to the whole tutoring community.

Perhaps you'd like to host or run a webinar or workshop yourself to share an area of your expertise with other tutors. We'll help you do it.

Access to information and resources that assist with all aspects of tutoring

Through our Affiliate network (Click here for details), we can offer members a huge range of resources from discounted books to legal and accountancy services. Need a source of inexpensive PII? We've got it. Need online or printed educational resources? They're here. Many members find that they get the cost of their subscription back many times over just through the deals our Affiliates have on offer.

We are also putting together a series of links to hard-to-find information (such as syllabus changes and exam board information) so that tutors have access to the same information as teachers.

And if you tutor children but are struggling to obtain a DBS check, we can help - and our service is often a lot quicker than going through an agency.

​Helping to shape the future of the profession

TTA is very much a member-led body. If you'd like to do more than just be a part of the organisation that represents all that is best in the world off tutoring, there is every opportunity to lead rather than just follow.

We have a series of Panels which are there to shape everything from events to the focus of TTA - and even the profession itself. Join a panel, stand for election to the Board, take advantage of speaking and writing opportunities and really make a difference.

Creating a voice for the profession and building bridges

Tutoring holds an important place in the education landscape, but our profession is all too often either unheard or misrepresented. We are committed to changing this.

First, we want our voice to be heard more loudly in discussions about education. 'Out of school' learning is vital to the health and wealth of the nation and education strategy needs to acknowledge and take account of this.

Second, we want the perception of tutoring to be universally positive. We want the profession to be seen as complementary to classroom education and not in competition with it; we want tutoring to be understood as available to all and not just to the wealthy or privileged, and we want tutoring to be understood as a force for creating social mobility.

To that end, we actively seek to engage with schools and teachers; with educationalists and policy makers; with organisations such as the Sutton Trust, and with government.

By joining, you help support our efforts to promote the profession and create an environment of goodwill towards it.

In summary they are as follows:

  1. Being a member of the UK government recognised professional body for the tutoring profession
  2. Inclusion in the Association’s Members' Register of Tutors and Tutoring Companies
  3. Recognition of the fact that members have signed up to a recognised code of professional practice and ethics
  4. Use of the designatory letters MTA or ATA after their name for individual members. (Corporate Membership includes one individual membership as part of the package)
  5. Use of the Association’s branding and imprimatur on your marketing materials and web site
  6. A sealed membership certificate indicating membership grade, number and the date admission into the Association and on to the Members' Register of tutors.
  7. Invitations to Free events or at special Members' rates
  8. CPD events and networking opportunities
  9. Access to:
  10. a. Free specimen Client and Tutor contracts
    b. Free legal helpline.
    c. Free business support, company secretarial and corporate advice
    d. Preferential Accounting Service Rates
    d. £1m PI indemnity cover from £50 a year
    e. 20% discount on the education supplies from Hodder, Galore Park and Oxford University Press through their Bond Brand
    f. Our DBS services

  11. As TTA is a registered academic body, subscription is tax deductible and has been approved by HMRC under section 344 if the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.
  12. The opportunity to stand for election to the board and help shape the future and the agenda
  13. The opportunity to participate in the Association’s special interest groups and panels

Join Now!

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