TTA and The Sutton Trust - Nov '17

TTA Board Members Adam Muckle and Will Orr-Ewing visited the Sutton Trust on 24th October to discuss their latest report about tutoring, Extra Time. They met the Trust’s Director of Research and Communications, Conor Ryan, and his colleague Carl Cullinane.

The chief purpose of the meeting was to increase dialogue between our two organisations – allowing the Trust to speak to a more representative group of tutors, and TTA to promote the volunteer work done by a number of their members. The Sutton Trust would like to hear from TTA members regarding any work they do working with underprivileged children. It is also possible they will let us know of any projects that require particular help from volunteer tutors; for example, if there is a particular shortfall in a target subject.

The concept of vouchers that can be used to pay for private tuition was also discussed, about which Conor Ryan said that more needed to be done to raise schools’ awareness that pupil premium funds can be used in this way. We are also supportive of the Trust's ambition to encourage more volunteer tutoring, and agreed that continuing, and closer, dialogue and collaboration between our two organisations is the best way of securing it.

Overall, there seems to be a lot of common ground between our respective organisations. We will keep you posted on future developments.

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