How the Influx of Online Tutors Has Changed Up Education - Jan '18

By Guest Writer Jason Phillips, Education blogger.

Parents and teachers have some of the most significant – and often challenging - opportunities when it comes to equipping and training students with the best skills. However, things are not always easy; there are times when students simply don’t ‘get’ the central concept, and hence miss the whole point of the session. At other times, different students have different levels of understanding or capability, which makes it a little complicated for the teacher to take the entire class through the same syllabus at the same time. However, online learning has made things easier. Now tutors and teachers can weigh the strengths and weaknesses of individual students and know how best to pull each of them up to the standard of the rest.

Additional Income
As a teacher, the need for extra cash is a commonly expressed wish – and it feels much better if you make that extra cash through doing what you love the most. Online tutoring makes it easy to connect with students from across the globe who are in need of help or mentoring in the subject which is your speciality. For me, online courses are enough to pay for my holidays with enough left over for savings funds too.

More Variety
For some teachers, doing the same thing endless times in the prescribed way can sap motivation. That’s not the case with the online platform. Here you have the chance to spice up your teaching with a variety of new tools and approaches…and, of course, you have the continual refreshment of seeing new students on a regular basis, ensuring that your tutoring remains unique and exciting for both you and your student.

Mutual learning
The online market also gives an equal opportunity for both teachers and students to learn. You share your knowledge and skills, but you also get the ability to reach students from right across the globe and from widely differing backgrounds. These opportunities improve your familiarity with connecting and integrating with people from other cultures, something that many tutors and teachers find highly motivational in itself.

Convenience and Flexibility
Online platforms also enable you to tutor students at mutually convenient times; mornings or evenings, weekdays or weekends – for somebody somewhere in the world, your best times are their best times too! Online tutoring brings a new dimension of convenience to teaching.

As the online market continues to grow and expand, the options for tutoring students are also becoming increasingly varied. It gives you the opportunity to get involved in new cultures; learn and use new skills and techniques; inspire students on the other side of the globe; make some extra cash and meet and learn alongside teachers and students who share your interests. And the best thing of all?... all this can happen within the comfort of your – and their - homes.

Jason Phillips is a blogger and writes various articles on education. He also writes for smiletutor who provides home tuition in Singapore. He loves to go swimming and reading books in his leisure time.

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