"It was my first conference and I must say it was excellent and I took a lot away from it."

"It was a wonderful and successful conference on all levels. I am happy to be a member with the Tutors' Association."

"Thanks for a really stimulating and insightful day... we enjoyed the conference a lot!"

 "The speakers I listened to were interesting and engaging and presented information that made me consider vital topics that might not necessarily be on my daily radar. It was also great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. (And the lunch was lovely!)" 

"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event on Tuesday.  We found it incredibly positive – and myself, on a personal level, both from a business point of view, but also for my own tutoring.  The fellow delegates and the one talk I managed to get to, were incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to tutor tomorrow evening!"

"Thanks so much for having me at the conference yesterday! The prison education session was so inspiring! Congrats for a great conference too"

3rd National Tutors' Conference - 16th October 2018, The Barbican, London

The third National Tutors’ Conference at the Barbican was, once again, both a busy and a buzzy affair. A record number of delegates had the opportunity to visit the stands of a record number of exhibitors and sponsors, in addition to hearing talks on an extraordinarily wide range of topics – demonstrating just what a wide-ranging profession tutoring is.

The theme – ‘delivering education; variety and choice’ – gave us insights into both the tools that are now available to assist with delivering interesting, varied tutoring sessions, and into areas of education that are outside the experience of most of us – such as in prison.

There was an excellent ‘panel’ session that answered audience questions around the issues of mental health and resilience – and the role that engaging with parents as well with tutees has in helping resolve potential problems in this area.

There was also a range of workshops that enabled delegates either to become informed about areas that were new to them, or to deepen their knowledge of topics with which they were familiar - including Residential tuition; supporting students with their University entry; the latest resources for tutors, and the latest developments in neuroscience and edtech – as well as the ever-popular session on growing a successful business.

For me, the most inspiring session was right at the end when we heard from a prisoner about the liberating effect of education in prison where she had completed a BA in PPE. Although there are some access hurdles to be jumped, opportunities are available to tutors who would like to work in this area, and TTA has undertaken to work with the Prisoners’ Education Trust (PET) to help set up access for those tutors who would like to be part of this area of education. 

The day ended with a welcoming drinks reception from one of the sponsors; a perfect end to a great day. Here’s to next year!

Take a look at some pictures from the day - official photographs and video will be released shortly.

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