The Annual General Meeting 30th June 2020

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online via zoom due to the current Covid-19 outbreak as the Board is uncertain whether group meeting restrictions will still be in place then.

All members will receive the formal notice via email towards the end of May and all registered delegates shall receive the joining link on 26th June.  To register to attend the meeting, click here.

The format of the meeting will be as follows:

  1. The meeting will start on time and each person logged on will be asked to message their name so that we can record attendance
  2. The President will then make his address to members 
  3. Members can then ask questions or make statements. Members can ask a turn to speak by using the ‘raise hand’ feature. They will be required to state their first name so that this is accurately recoded in the minutes.
  4. The agenda will proceed as published and Members will be invited to question or comment as  appropriate.
  5. Where a vote is taken this will be done via the ‘poll’ feature
  6. The meeting will conclude and be followed by a general discussion. Point 3 above will also apply. 

The AGM booklet can be found in the download section below.

Elections to the Association’s Board of Directors 2020

The Association is constituted as a Membership organisation and as such is run by its members through an elected Board of Directors. Members that are elected serve for a term of three years and then stand down. The process is covered by Board Regulation 101 and the Association’s constitution (available from the here.)

This year there are five vacancies and Ten Nominations had been received by the closing date. Members can find details of the candidates here whereupon you will be able to vote for the candidates of your choice. The voting will close at 17.00 on 23rd June 2020 

Following the elections,  the result will be announced on 29th June 2020 and those Members elected will take up their office at the close of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 30th June 2020. Due to the uncertainties of current situation the AGM will be held online this year commencing at 16.00 and should last less than an hour.

Click here to register your attendance in order to receive the joining link.

I would encourage all Members who would like to take an active role in driving the Association forward to consider standing for election. Should you wish to discuss your potential candidacy with an exiting Director, please Chris Lenton, the Secretary on 07494 068363.


The present Board, comprises the following members:

Member                                                       Office Retirement Date           Status 

Tim Morris MTA - President                                         2020                             Elected

Ariane Mercurius-Taylor MTA - Treasurer                 2020                             Elected

Ambika Pindoria MTA                                                   2020                             Member Appointed

Richard Evans MTA                                                        2020                            Elected

John Nichols MTA                                                           2022                            Elected
Emily Wyborgh MTA                                                      2022                            Elected 

James Hacking MTA                                                       2022                            Elected
Harry Cobb MTA                                                            2020                             Member Appointed                                                                                             

Chris Sanders MA, FCIM                                                                                     NED Appointed
Chris Lenton FTA, FCCA, FCIS       Secretary                                                     Ex Officio

Panels of independent tutors have been constituted in specific areas so that the views of independent tutors may be communicated to the Board. For more information about the panels and how to get involved, please email 


A copy of the constitution and board regulations are available to download at the bottom of this page.