The present Board, comprises the following members:

  • Tim Morris ATA - President
  • Richard Evans MTA
  • Ariane Mercurius-Taylor MTA - Treasurer
  • Will Orr-Ewing ATA
  • William Petty ATA
  • Ambika Pindoria MTA
  • Chris Sanders MA
  • Emma Swanson ATA
  • Chris Lenton FTA, FCCA, FCIS - Secretary

Panels of independent tutors have been constituted in specific areas so that the views of independent tutors may be communicated to the Board. For more information about the panels and how to get involved, please email 


A copy of the constitution and board regulations are available to download at the bottom of this page.

The Election for the Board

Call for Nominations - January 2019

To all Members of The Tutors' Association:

In accordance with the constitution of the Association elections are due to be held for four vacancies on the Board.

The election process is covered by Board Regulation 101 and the Association’s constitution both of which can be downloaded below. 

Members wishing to seek a nomination or indeed to nominate another member are required to complete the form below. 

You will be required to obtain a proposer and a seconder from the existing membership. Prospective candidates will require two other Members to proposed and second them.

To be eligible to stand for election a member must comply with Board Regulation 9. 1 which states;

9.1. To be a candidate a person must comply with the following eligibility requirements: 

9.1.1 Be a current member

9.1.2 Have paid their subscription for the current year

9.1.3 Be properly proposed and seconded by two other eligible members of the  Association,

9.1.4 Must be able to demonstrate their suitability and competence to serve as a director  of the Association,

9.1.5 Have, ideally, served on a board of directors before, 

9.1.6 Not be disqualified by reason of provisions in the Company Directors Disqualification  Act 1986, the Companies Act 2006, the Insolvency Act 1986 and the provisions of  article 22 of the Association’s constitution from being a director of the company.

The closing date for nominations shall be 17.00 on Friday 8th March 2019. Completed nomination forms must reach the Association’s offices either by email ( or post on or before this deadline. Each candidate will receive separate confirmation of receipt and acceptance of their nomination or otherwise by Friday 15th March 2019

In the event of a ballot, ballot papers with be prepared and sent to the membership on Friday 22nd  March 2019. Voting will cease on at 17.00 on Tuesday 30th April 2019. The results of the ballot will be published on the Association’s website and notified to candidates by Monday 6th May 2019. 

Successful candidates will assume office at the close of the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 26th June 2019. 

Should you have any questions about this process and procedure please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully


Director & Secretary