The present Board, comprises the following members:

Member                                                       Office Retirement Date           Status 

Tim Morris MTA - President                                         2020                             Elected

Ariane Mercurius-Taylor MTA - Treasurer                 2020                             Elected

Ambika Pindoria MTA                                                   2020                             Member Appointed

Richard Evans MTA                                                        2020                            Elected

John Nichols MTA                                                           2022                            Elected
Emily Wyborgh MTA                                                      2022                            Elected 

James Hacking MTA                                                       2022                            Elected
Magdalena Hachula MTA                                             2022                             Elected

Harry Cobb MTA                                                            2020                             Member Appointed

Vanessa Thompsett  MTA                                            2020                             Member Appointed                                                                                                 

Chris Sanders MA, FCIM                                                                                     NED Appointed
Chris Lenton FTA, FCCA, FCIS       Secretary                                                     Ex Officio

Panels of independent tutors have been constituted in specific areas so that the views of independent tutors may be communicated to the Board. For more information about the panels and how to get involved, please email 


A copy of the constitution and board regulations are available to download at the bottom of this page.