Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Meet the people that keep The Tutors' Association ticking.

Jon Corbitt

General Manager

John Nichols

Interim General Manager

Jenn Linning

DBS Support

Sam Nichols

Events Manager


The Board of Directors is comprised of members of the Association representing both individual and corporate members. The Directors elect a President, Vice President and Treasurer to serve alongside the General Manager as Officers of the Association.

John Nichols

Elected 2019, President

Oliver Gilsenan

Elected 2020

Samantha Nichols

Co-opted 2021

Nathaniel McCullagh

Co-opted 2022

Charles Bonas

co-opted 2022

Christopher Wordsworth

Co-opted 2022, Treasurer

Mary Lonsdale

Elected 2022, Vice President

Abdul Rahim

Elected 2022

Deborah Salsbury

Elected 2022


Join the Team

Already a member? If you’re interesting in shaping the future of tuition, contact us with your interest in joining the Board, participating in a Working Group or finding out other ways you can support The Tutors’ Association such as contributing to our blog or running a webinar on a particular area of your expertise.