Membership is designed for Individual tutors, including both freelancers and those who work for companies, and Tutoring Companies, Study Centres, and Agencies in the UK or abroad.

International Members are welcome. Members not based in the UK agree that any complaint made against them will be dealt with in the UK under English Law.


Membership Requirements

DBS Check

Tutors working with children and / or vulnerable adults must have a current DBS check. 

Our recommendation is that they would have or apply for an Enhanced certificate and that it is less than one year old.

TTA is able to process checks* on behalf of members who do not currently have one. The process has to be initiated by the member straight after membership approval.

Corporate members have the ability to process unlimited DBS checks* for tutors working with Corportate members.

*Processing fees are additional to the membership rate.

For more information and guidance related to DBS checks, click here.

Code of Professional Practice, Ethics and Child Protection  

Subscription to the Association's Code of professional practice for organisational and individual members and the Code of Ethics for Individual Tutors is a requirement of membership. Corporate members are responsible for monitoring whether tutors with whom they work honour these codes.

TTA registered tutors are required to have a DBS less than three years old. They should adhere to the Association's Child Protection Guidance and if working for a Tutoring company, sign up to and adhere to their policy.

Online Tutoring Companies should hold a Code of Conduct which should include a clause on cyber-bullying. 


All members are required to produce two suitable references, both or character and work experience and skills.  These can be from past employers or comments from past or current clients. 

References must be submitted within three months of joining.


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