Your subscription next year could be FREE!

Get £15* towards your next year's membership fee for every new member you refer to TTA.

As a ‘Thank you’ for recommending TTA to other tutors, we will apply a £15* credit towards your next year's subscription once their application is approved. 

They simply have to enter YOUR NAME under the field ‘Name of Tutor / Agency Who Recommended TTA to you’ during their registration process. 

Please note, if your name is not entered during their application process, we are unable to honour the offer. 

Terms and Conditions:

* £15 per new member signed up, and up to the total value of your next year’s membership fee. 

The credit is non transferrable between existing members eg. a Corporate member cannot use the credit accrued to subsidise an individual membership or an Individual member cannot use the credit accrued to upgrade to Corporate membership.

Offer valid on applications received from 25th April 2019 until the 31st July 2019

This offer is not valid when members recommend Affiliate Partners.