Mission, Vision and Values


The Tutors’ Association exists to represent the tutoring industry with the vision that it becomes the ‘go to’ resource for tutors, the public, the media, schools and government. We are committed to representing individual tutors and tutoring companies equally. 

Member led organisation

We are an open, democratic, member-led organisation. Any individual tutor or tutoring company is welcome to join us. We are not aligned to any political party and recognise that state sector and independent education have their respective merits. 

Choice and transparency

We believe that choice and transparency are key drivers in improving education quality, and that the private tutoring sector is an important stakeholder in the context of overall education in the UK. We are committed to engaging responsibly with other stakeholders such as parents, schools, media and the government. 

Excellence and reputation

We are committed to ensuring that UK education retains and enhances its standing in the world and for private tutoring to contribute to this. Our Codes of Practice are designed to underpin standards in the tutoring profession. 

Innovation and change

We welcome and encourage innovation and creativity in our industry. We recognise in particular the changes that advances in technology are bringing to the whole education sector.


A greater good

We welcome the fact that tutoring is a highly competitive market and representatives of the Association are duty bound to behave in a manner that does not prejudice other members.