The Royal Society is the venue for our 4th National Tutors’ Conference on Friday, October 25th 2019. The Royal Society’s history harks back to 1660 and an ‘invisible college’ of natural philosophers and physicians. Today it is the UK’s national science academy with a Fellowship comprising some 1600 of the world’s most eminent scientists.

The Tutors’ Association as both an academic and professional body shares the learned society’s values of exploring knowledge, bringing people closer together, harnessing ideas, discussing important topics and engaging with the public about what we do. 


Our annual conference has become a centrepiece of the Association’s ambitious programme. Each year it has striven to bring together the diverse strands of our membership, to champion tutoring, change the conversation and to foster common understanding. Hundreds of delegates come together to discuss important topics within tutoring, to understand the vocabulary of the sector, and to become more aware of how we present ourselves in our role as tutors - to clients, students and those in the wider education landscape alike. 


As with our previous Conferences, a small selection of exhibitors - some of whom are proudly sponsoring the event -  will provide a wealth of information, services and materials of direct use to tutors.

The Future of Tutoring: Evolution or Revolution?

Day Programme

Following feedback from previous years' attendees, this year’s programme has been designed to allow both more time for free-flow networking between delegates and more time to have discussions with the sponsors.

The Workshops will be repeated throughout the day, but attendees will still need to pre book slots in advance.

The Tutors’ Surgery is a new addition to the programme: A panel of experts who will address questions from the delegates that relate specifically to the panellists’ areas of expertise. After the Q & A sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to interact on a 1-to-1 basis at the dedicated expert’s space.

The panel consists of the following experts: Accountant and Tax advice; VAT Consultant; Online Tutoring Platform, Insurance Company; a Customer Relations Management Expert as well as experienced tutors providing advice on Tuition Business Management.

These hour-long, drop in sessions will be available alongside the workshops. 

 9.00  -   9.30      REGISTRATION

 9.30  -   9.45      Welcome and President's Address - Tim Morris

 9.45  - 10.15      The Sutton Trust  - James Turner

James will talk about the work of the Trust and the role that tutors potentially have to play in contributing to greater social mobility. During his time at the Education Endowment Foundation, James was actively involved in research into topics including ‘Closing the Attainment gap’ and ‘Working with parents to support child learning’ – topics of significant relevance to tutoring. 

10.15 - 10.45       Nurturing Students' Mental Health and Resilience: the case for building parental capacity - Dr Kathy Weston 

Dr Weston will talk about the latest statistics relating to children and young people’s mental health; how parents and family life impact on students’ mental health and resilience, and how tutors can communicate and work with parents more effectively. She will discuss the best available evidence-based resources available to tutors, students and their families. 

10.45  -  11.15      Networking and Refreshments

11.20  -  12.00      Break out Session 1  (choose from one of the options below)

Option A:  The Missing Ingredient for Exam Success  -  Dan Licence 

Poor mental health is one of the most commonly overlooked reasons for young people not performing to the best of their ability. Whether that be missed lessons through bouts of depression - creating gaps in knowledge - or poor performance in exams due to anxiety. 

Too often, young people don’t know how to communicate that they’re struggling, so they’re dismissed as being “lazy”, or “acting up”. But when does “acting up” become a cry for help? Behind these potential warning signs could be a more serious issue developing, which if left untreated can lead to self-harm and in the worst cases, attempts at suicide.

In this session we’ll discuss:
- Some of the most common mental health problems young people experience today
- How to recognise the signs and symptoms

-How to prevent them from turning into something more serious
- What to do and where to go if you suspect your young person is struggling
- How to help manage these problems through incorporating Mindfulness and Positive Psychology techniques into your teaching/parenting
- How to encourage resilience and independent thinking 

Option B:  Social Mobility is a Political Message not an Educational Mission  - Joe Nutt 

The session will look at the social mobility research landscape, identify and discuss the contributions of some of the most influential participants in it, and highlight the lack of evidence that education is a driver of social mobility. It will share the variety of measures that have been used to carry out this kind of research, and reference the findings and recommendations of some of the most recent research reports in the field, that stress the crucial role geography and place play in “educational disadvantage.”

It will argue that the best available, longitudinal, studies suggest that schools do not impact on social mobility and that social mobility is in effect an entirely political message. It will argue that ideas about cultural capital and social disadvantage are of equally little help to schools and teachers, and suggest that it would be far more valuable for teachers if researchers started to explore the precise nature of “educational disadvantage” in a way that allocates responsibilities more realistically and helpfully for the children concerned. 

Option C: Tutors' Surgery - Drop in

Option D: Networking - Drop in

12.05 -  12.45      Break out Session 2 (choose from one of the options below)

Option A:  The Missing Ingredient for Exam Success  -  Dan Licence  (REPEAT)

Option B:  Social Mobility is a Political Message not an Educational Mission  - Joe Nutt  (REPEAT)

Option C: Tutors' Surgery - Drop in

Option D: Networking - Drop in

12.45 -  13.45      LUNCH

13.50 -  14.30      Break out Session 3 (choose from one of the options below)

Option A:  To Boldly Go. Self-Awareness   -  Nicky Horn and Claire Bennett

This interactive workshop will ask questions and challenge tutors to reflect on their behaviours. Questions will include:
- What are your strengths?
- How are you different to other tutors?
- How can you tell?
- How does this affect how you tutor your students?

This workshop will show tutors the importance of self-awareness for their own progression as well as that of their students. It will look at how to fast track relationships with a student using ‘Sport and Beyond’ to help the tutor gain immediate and objective insight into how best to work with, and motivate, individual pupils. 

Tutors will hear Claire’s fencing story and see how it translates into a high performing mindset for students

Understanding how your students are best motivated and identifying their preferred behaviours not only makes tutoring easier, but offers more to the student than just passing an exam. Students of the future need skills that go beyond exams and a knowledge base. The workshop will help tutors understand and balance these wider needs and so meet the concerns of parents and students alike.  

Option B:  How to become an even better tutor -  Presentation by Dr Christine Butenuth, Emma Ford, Linda Butler and Suzanne Reece 

We are great specialist in our own subject but whether you teach children or adults you can learn to be even better. We will consider in an inter-active workshop:

- Student expectations and

- non-academic needs to further student learning 

Option C: Tutors' Surgery - Drop in

Option D: Networking - Drop in

14.35 -  15.05      Break out Session 4 (choose from one of the options below)

Option A:  To Boldly Go. Self-Awareness   -  Nicky Horn and Claire Bennett (REPEAT)

Option B:  How to become an even better tutor -  Presentation by Dr Christine Butenuth, Emma Ford, Linda Butler and Suzanne Reece (REPEAT)

Option C: Tutors' Surgery - Drop in

Option D: Networking - Drop in

15.05  -  15.35      Networking and Refreshments

15.40  -  16.10      Artificial intelligence and its increasing impact on tutoring in the UK - Alex Asher 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are technologies that have major implications for the UK tutoring sector. Some tutors are confused by these developments and worry that the technology will steal their jobs, while others are excited by its promise of personalising education. This talk will explain the AI buzz; bust common myths; identify the risks and opportunities, and provide practical tips for both tutors and business owners on how to ride the wave of AI innovation. 

16.10  -  16.20      Close - President, Tim Morris

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What past attendees say

"It was my first conference and I must say it was excellent and I took a lot away from it."

"It was a wonderful and successful conference on all levels. I am happy to be a member with the Tutors' Association."

"Thanks for a really stimulating and insightful day... we enjoyed the conference a lot!"

 "The speakers I listened to were interesting and engaging and presented information that made me consider vital topics that might not necessarily be on my daily radar. It was also great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. (And the lunch was lovely!)" 

"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event on Tuesday.  We found it incredibly positive – and myself, on a personal level, both from a business point of view, but also for my own tutoring.  The fellow delegates and the one talk I managed to get to, were incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to tutor tomorrow evening!"

"Thanks so much for having me at the conference yesterday! The prison education session was so inspiring! Congrats for a great conference too"