National Tutors' Conference | 25th October | The Royal Society, London


The Royal Society is the venue for our 4th National Tutors’ Conference on Friday, October 25th 2019. The Royal Society’s history harks back to 1660 and an ‘invisible college’ of natural philosophers and physicians. Today it is the UK’s national science academy with a Fellowship comprising some 1600 of the world’s most eminent scientists.

The Tutors’ Association as both an academic and professional body shares the learned society’s values of exploring knowledge, bringing people closer together, harnessing ideas, discussing important topics and engaging with the public about what we do. 


Our annual conference has become a centrepiece of the Association’s ambitious programme. Each year it has striven to bring together the diverse strands of our membership, to champion tutoring, change the conversation and to foster common understanding. Hundreds of delegates come together to discuss important topics within tutoring, to understand the vocabulary of the sector, and to become more aware of how we present ourselves in our role as tutors - to clients, students and those in the wider education landscape alike. 


As with our previous Conferences, a small selection of exhibitors - some of whom are proudly sponsoring the event -  will provide a wealth of information, services and materials of direct use to tutors.

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The Future of Tutoring: Evolution or Revolution?

Sutton Trust CEO to speak at TTA Annual Conference

We are delighted to announce that James Turner, CEO of The Sutton Trust, the UK’s leading foundation for social mobility, will be one of the keynote speakerss at this year's conference. 

James will talk about the work of the Trust and the role that tutors potentially have to play in contributing to greater social mobility. During his time at the Education Endowment Foundation, James was actively involved in research into topics including ‘Closing the Attainment gap’ and working with parents to support child learning – topics of significant relevance to tutoring.

From its inception, TTA has espoused the role of tutoring as an agent of social change as well as of educational development, so James’ involvement in the conference is particularly welcome – and promises to be both challenging and stimulating.

The conference theme – Tutoring: Evolution or Revolution - will explore whether passive change is enough, or whether a more active and imaginative approach to education is necessary to help children from diverse backgrounds achieve their full potential in today’s fast-changing world.

The Conference will be held at The Royal Society, London, on October 25th.

Watch this space for further speaker announcements.


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In a world where change seems to be the only constant, education is ever more under the spotlight.

It is increasingly acknowledged that the role of educators goes beyond the mere passing on of knowledge:

It is expected that teachers and parents alike should inculcate a sense of values in children; that they should have concerns for the mental well-being of their charges; that they should be concerned to balance students’ learning with maintaining their happiness and enjoyment of the world around them; that it is part of their role to create independence, and to empower students beyond the realm of academic achievement. And there is greater awareness of the variety of special needs some students have.

What is the role of the private tutor and tuition providers in this?

How can tutors help students and parents alike to balance these wider needs and concerns?

How can we forge stronger links with parents and schools to unleash the power of working together rather than as independents?

How do we forge more symbiotic relationships with schools?

How do we equip ourselves to acquire the wider skills needed to do more than pass on knowledge?

How do we reach the many and not just the few?

Is there a need for a new strategy in education to reflect the changing concerns of educators and needs of students?

What more is expected of us? And is it right that it should be?

Tutors hold a unique role in the  relationships they hold with their students. Whether it is the 1-to-1 time we can give that is not available to most teachers, or the fact that we often tutor in the student’s home with ready access to parents, or just the focus we can provide, it adds up to a privileged position in the educational landscape. How can we best use this to address the wider needs of bringing up well-balanced as well as well-informed children?

Is it enough to sit passively by, to take note of changes and gradually adapt to them, or should we be taking more active steps to help drive that change – or even revolutionise the whole way we educate our students?

These are the questions that the 4th National Tutors’ Conference will seek to address. We are looking for presentations that will spark debate and argument during the conference. If you have a point of view, or insights to offer in any of the areas touched on above, now is the time to get in touch.


We are looking for speakers and session leaders who can address this year’s theme: The Future of Tutoring: Evolution or Revolution? However we also welcome other ideas. Download the submission form.

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What past attendees say

"It was my first conference and I must say it was excellent and I took a lot away from it."

"It was a wonderful and successful conference on all levels. I am happy to be a member with the Tutors' Association."

"Thanks for a really stimulating and insightful day... we enjoyed the conference a lot!"

 "The speakers I listened to were interesting and engaging and presented information that made me consider vital topics that might not necessarily be on my daily radar. It was also great to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. (And the lunch was lovely!)" 

"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event on Tuesday.  We found it incredibly positive – and myself, on a personal level, both from a business point of view, but also for my own tutoring.  The fellow delegates and the one talk I managed to get to, were incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait to tutor tomorrow evening!"

"Thanks so much for having me at the conference yesterday! The prison education session was so inspiring! Congrats for a great conference too"