The Tutors' Association (TTA) is the only professional membership body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK. Becoming a member The Tutors' Association signifies becoming part of the UK government recognised professional body.  


As well as supporting our Members we inform the public on all things to do with tuition and supplementary education in the UK. 

Schools, pupils and parents are increasingly working more closely with tutors to help raise pupils’ attainment and confidence. Yet the role of tutors and supplementary educators has gone largely unrecognised. The Tutors' Association seeks to change that and raise the sector’s profile by promoting tutoring as a viable profession and encouraging professional development. 

If you are part of an industry or profession that needs to get its voice heard, consider joining a professional body – even if there is nothing you want out of it personally. By being a part of it you are actively contributing to the protection and well-being of the sector in which you have chosen to operate. ‘The greater good’ may not be a popular motivation – but it is one that really matters. 

Through our Affiliate Partner Network, we can offer members a range of resources from discounted books to legal and accountancy services, training and more.  

We are constantly looking for Affiliate Partnerships which can provide members with access to a wide range of products, services, training and more that will enhance their tutoring practice, some of which offer discounts specific to members of the Association. 

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Are you looking for a Tutor?

We do not run a service that finds tutors for individuals, however we are happy to provide advice to help you make the best decision. You can certify if a Tutor or Tutoring Company is a registered Member here.

Is hiring a tutor a good idea in the first place? What do you have to consider when it comes to choosing a tutor and how do you find one? What should you expect of your chosen tutor when it comes to the nitty-gritty of the engagement? click on the button to read the article.


 Membership-led, we are open and inclusive, valuing the involvement of all our members: to share ideas and experiences, to promote best practice, to be standard-bearers for responsible tutoring. 

Membership is designed for Individual tutors, including both freelancers and those who work for companies and  Tutoring Companies, Study Centres, and Agencies in the UK or abroad   

Members of The Tutors' Association sign up to our Code of Ethics and have passed a DBS check (if tutoring children or vulnerable adults). 

Become part of a community of fellow professionals


Gain access to specialist courses and webinars


Benefit from carefully chosen and negotiated discounted resources 


 Exchange information and experience 


 Gain recognition of a commitment to behaving ethically and professionally


Put the power of TTA branding behind your business  


  Help shape the future of the profession  



National Conferences, online webinars, networking events and more!

 Take advantage of the vast array of events where you will have the opportunity to hear about some of the most relevant topics and make valuable long-lasting connections.

Highlights of the 4th National Tutors' Conference