Home Schooling

Home Schooling

This Home Education guide has been produced for free by members of The Tutors’ Association.

This is a guide for parents and tutors who want to school their children towards public exams, following the UK curriculum, from home.

This guide was created by Emma White of Mark My Papers.

Table of Contents

Home Education


Choosing to home-educate your child is a major decision.  Make no mistake, the road ahead is long and arduous.  It will take up your time and your resources and it will also cost money.  Even if you plan to self-teach and find your own way forward, at the very least you will have to purchase text books and/or other resources and pay for exam entry fees.  It is important before you commit to removing your child from school to understand that successful home-schooling towards public exams is not simply a case of doing exactly what you did at school, but from home. It is in fact quite different.

Home-education can be a rewarding experience but it doesn’t suit everyone.  Both you and your child will need to be motivated and committed.  You will need a quiet space where they can work comfortably and you will also need to be willing to manage their studies. This means researching what text books/resources they will need, plotting how long it will take you both to cover the content of a specification or syllabus (leaving time for revision) and budgeting for private candidate exam entry fees etc.

Government Guidance for Home Educators

The Department for Education in the UK (‘DfE’) has published guidance on elective home-education which you are recommended to read and can be found here.