Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision and Values Statement:

The vision of The Tutors’ Association is to ensure that all students have access to safe, high-quality tuition to support their education when they need it.

Mission and Purpose:

The Tutors’ Association exists to represent the tuition sector, including both individual tutors and companies, providing them with support, enforcing minimum standards and helping them to provide quality tuition to students that need it.


A New Future for the Tuition Sector

Our current approach to realising the vision and mission is defined by four strategic objectives.

Professional standards in the tuition sector gives confidence to the general public and stakeholders.

Objective 1: To set and enforce minimum standards within the tuition sector.

Membership growth and retention increases our influence and effectiveness within the education sector.

Objective 2: To attract individual tutors, tuition companies and tuition support companies into membership.

A collective voice creates the capacity to engage in lobbying, ultimately protecting the tuition sector and students who need tuition.

Objective 3: To represent the tuition sector to government, regulatory agencies, the press and wider society.

The industry is only as strong as the individuals and corporates that make it. Members should benefit from their contributions to tutoring.

Objective 4: To provide or facilitate supporting services and opportunities for the tuition sector.

companies into membership.