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What resources does my child need to thrive in a home education environment?

A variety of resources can be used to ensure your child has everything they need to learn. The basics include, notepads, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, colouring pencils and highlighters. It is also a good idea to organise notes well to improve revision and study skills, so note binders or notebooks to store notes and diagrams. For maths and science subjects, a scientific calculator is needed along with a compass and protractor. They may also need digital resources at various stages.


If you are studying for a particular qualification, it is important to choose an accompanying textbooks, resources and question workbooks that follow the appropriate exam board and tier. 

There are a huge number of online resources for students to use, either free or paid subscriptions. You do not need to spend lots or even any money on resources unless you want to. 

(Tablets, lap-tops and wifi – they are not always essential)

Although technology has become an integral part of everyday life, just remember that exams currently take place in exactly the same shape and form as they have done since time began. Unless you have access arrangements, that means your child will be sitting exams using pen and paper, at a desk. Technology may well allow students to delve deeper into an interest on line but it can also offer countless very enticing distractions for young inquisitive minds too! Your child does not need to be solely reliant on technology. Currently, for most children exams are handwritten.

It is a good idea to minimise electronics and distractions while studying, as this has been shown to significantly improve those who are self-teaching. If your child is easily distracted or finds it difficult to focus for periods of time, you may like to try the POMODORO technique; details can be found on the technique here, along with a pomodoro timer to keep you on track.

(Useful social media groups)

Social media, such as Facebook can be a useful place to ask questions and discuss ideas. There are countless Facebook groups which cover a broad remit of home-education issues and debates but do be careful to join groups that are exam focused and always check that any advice you receive is current and true. There is a trend for home-educating parents to reassure fellow new home-educators that the life experience of home-education alone is enough to warrant offers from the leading universities, regardless of qualifications. It is simply untrue. Your child will be expected to perform at the same level as all other applicants and have a full suite of good grades.

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