Affiliate Partners

Affiliate Partners

About Our Affiliates

Our Affiliate Partners offer members an extensive range of resources from online platforms and discounted books to training or legal and accountancy services.

Become an Affiliate

The Tutors’ Association is always looking for Affiliate Partners who can provide members with access to a wide range of products, services, training and more to enhance their tutoring practice. In return, we offer our Affiliate Partners the opportunity to reach and engage the profession effectively on our website, in our publications and at our popular events.

It is estimated that there are over a quarter of a million tutors in the UK alone, and The Tutors’ Association is gaining recognition and visibility as the only UK’s only professional body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector. Currently, The Tutors’ Association represents some 50,000 tutors through its individual and corporate members from all sectors of the community.


Becoming an Affiliate Partner offers organisations wanting to reach the profession with products and services the opportunity to engage and target this group effectively. TTA is always on the lookout for Affiliate Partners who can provide members with products, services, training and more that will enhance their tutoring practice.


The sole condition of becoming an Affiliate Partner is that you offer a discount to members of more than 20% off your standard pricing. Offers and discounts exclusive to TTA members feature in the members-only area.


When you become an Affiliate partner, a listing is created and featured in the Affiliate Partners Directory, accessible to all members, for a year. This Directory is open to all our site visitors. With more than 2,000 visits to our website per month on average, becoming an Affiliate Partner is truly cost-effective way to target this market.


Signing up as an Affiliate costs just £25 per year. Once you‘ve signed up, there are a variety of ways in which you can reach our members including advertising, event sponsorship, blogs and webinars – to name a few.


One of the most successful ways to build exposure for your brand is to become involved in our Annual National Tutoring Awards and National Tutors’ Conference as a Sponsor.