Fellowship of The Tutors' Association

Any member of The Tutors Association is invited to apply for Fellowship. Achieving recognition as a Fellow of TTA is a prestigious, lifetime status indicating significant contributions to the tuition sector. 

TTA Fellows can be identified by their Fellowship Certificate, appearance on the Fellows section of the TTA website and by the prestigious TTA Fellows logo that they might choose to use across their digital and physical materials.

Applying for Fellowship

Applications to join The Tutors’ Association Fellowship are invited from existing members only. Upon submitting your application, the TTA Board will convene to evaluate your application at the next scheduled Board Meeting and applicants will be informed of the outcome. This process can take up to 8-weeks. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the criteria for fellowship. 

The application fee for fellowship is currently £150. In the event that a candidate’s application for Fellowship is unsuccessful, £100 of the application fee is refundable.

Fellowship Criteria

As part of the application process, prospective Fellows will be asked to demonstrate that they meet all of Criteria 1 to 4, and an additional Criteria from 5 to 7.

  1. Must already be a member of the Association;

  2. Can demonstrate having successfully delivered a minimum of 5 years professional tutoring or 1 year of professional tuition plus 5 years of running a tutoring company;

  3. Provide three client or professional references to this affect; and,

  4. Submit a fellowship application setting out your contribution to the profession, and how this goes over and above what might be expected of the average tutor.

  1. Can demonstrate a contribution to the profession through for example:

    1. delivery of courses or programmes in best tutoring practice for TTA or others;

    2. delivery of a relevant session(s) at an appropriate conference; or,

    3. publication(s) of an academic paper relating to tutoring or tutoring technique. Examples could be but are not limited to themes of: neuroscience, pedagogy, Special Educational Needs, or online tutoring techniques.

  2. Have contributed significantly to the Association’s work by volunteering and serving on a board, committee, working group or panel, or have delivered CPD programmes.

  3. Can detail significant charitable work undertaken. For example: by delivery of 100 hours tutoring; giving advice to schools, parents and LEAs; supporting underprivileged children or vulnerable adults; or, pro bono work.

Apply for Fellowship