About The Tutors' Association

The Tutors' Association is the only professional membership body for tutoring and the wider supplementary education sector in the UK. Formed in 2013 we currently have more than 900 members, including Individuals and Corporate Members representing some 30,000 tutors from all sectors of the community.

Our Purpose

To create a community for members of the tutoring profession, where they can:

  • Exchange knowledge and experience
  • Get access to information and services that assist with their day-to-day work
  • Provide mutual support and encouragement 

To provide a unified and coherent voice for the tutoring profession so that it can:

  • Engage constructively with all the other stakeholders in the provision of education
  • Help ensure that the profession is perceived accurately and positively
  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships within the wider educational landscape

To provide reassurance to parents that the tutor they have selected:

  • Has committed to professional standards by signing up to a Code of Professional Practice
  • Presents no known risk to their child by having been successfully DBS checked
  • Has proven their competence by providing testamentary evidence of the successful completion of tutorial engagements

Code of Professional Practice, Ethics and Child Protection 

Subscription to the Association’s Code of Professional Practice for Tutoring Companies is a requirement of membership. 

Individual Members should adhere to the Code of Ethics and Corporate Members have a responsibility to promote regard for the Code of Ethics for tutors among those with whom they work. 

According to the membership criteria, both codes must be displayed at companies’ primary place of business, and communicated to their clients. Corporate members are responsible for monitoring whether tutors with whom they work honour these codes.

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