President’s Update – October ’23

As The Tutors’ Association celebrates the 10th anniversary of its formation, especially with our upcoming National Tutors’ Conference on the 26th of October, it is also relaunching itself as a modern and efficient representative body, championing the needs of its members and reaching out across the tuition sector to stand up for tutors and tuition companies across the country and beyond.

TTA has been delighted to welcome its new General Manager who joined recently, Jon Corbitt. Whilst causing a little confusion with both the President and General Manager having almost identical names, Jon has helped to complete the first phase of the transformation of TTA in a process that started around a year ago. His diverse background, as an entrepreneur, a school leader and having previously launched a tuition business gives him an incredible perspective on where TTA is now and how it can be taken forward into its second decade. His first role has been to complete the automation and refinement of TTA’s systems to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

The start of the new academic year has been a flurry of activity, with a multitude of events to keep tutors engaged and connected. TTA’s own flagship event, the National Tutors’ Conference, will be held on Thursday the 26th of October and will possibly be the largest event the tuition sector has ever seen in the UK; if you have not already booked to attend, then it is highly recommended that you do so. It includes a diverse range of sessions to cater for individual tutors as well as tuition businesses of any size. Sessions will cover everything from regulatory compliance and technology to assessment and safeguarding. There will also be an exhibition featuring exhibitors from around the world including Singapore, the USA and Canada.

In addition to attracting exhibitors from around the world, TTA is continuing to develop the capacity to support members to export tuition internationally. We are working closely with the UK Department for Business and Trade, who will be represented at our National Tutors’ Conference. We have also released a survey of our members to gauge where members are doing well already and where they need further support. We encourage all companies to complete the survey, which you can find here.

At the start of the academic year, TTA has also launched its ambitious programme of regional events for 2023/24, with the first being held in Bristol on the 28th of September. Over the course of the year, TTA will hold physical events across the country including Manchester, Newcastle, Belfast, Brighton, Edinburgh and more. This is on top of our new and enhanced online CPD offering, which is currently being prepared and will be announced at the conference, with the vast majority of CPD opportunities planned to be completely free for members.

TTA has come a long way in the past ten years; countless individuals have made immeasurable contributions over that time and helped it to become the organisation it is today. Over the next few years, TTA will support the tuition sector in dealing with an array of further challenges, supporting members with inspections by government agencies as well as preparing for an inevitable election in 2024 and the possible consequences of that. Tutors and tuition companies can rest assured that TTA will be standing by their side as we navigate the uncertainties of the months and years to come.

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